This electronic manual presents an attempt of the author to create a resource for information technology students studying Business English. The author based the manual on the book by Bill Gates, Business @ the speed of thought, succeeding in the digital economy, Business plus publishing, May 2000. This book is a wonderful tool for any person interested in how Bill Gates succeeded in creating a global business. Bill Gates offers a lot of issues dealing with various aspects of information technologies and business. I believe that his work can offer the students a good insight into the things that were important for Bill Gates when starting his business and experiencing the beginning of the computer and the Internet era. His ideas tell a lot about basic business concept, but through the application and development of information technologies, which became an inseparable part for lots of people around the world. The present work is subdivided into 14 parts that step by step deal with basic business concepts, such as Marketing, Management, Customers, etc. the structure is dominated by the extracts taken from the above-mentioned source and is given in the order of appearance of corresponding parts in the original text. Each text is accompanied by a variety of activities specially designed to fit into the work process: pre-reading (usually these are different warm-up exercises with the help of which students can get more involved into the topic under consideration, moreover, in the same part the vocabulary tasks are presented); while-reading (here the tasks deal with vocabulary recognition in context and some activities to check students reading comprehension); post-reading (includes the materials devoted to the deeper revision of some language or/and business aspects of the text, moreover, the last activity is aimed at some creative task based on the topic of the specific part). Moreover, each module is accompanied by a business text related to the topic under consideration for further reading.
This manual is available both in paper and electronic version that is stipulated by the fact that there is utter necessary for such material due to the fact that IT students find it confusing when having to work with purely business materials. The electronic version of the manual will allow its future correction and introduction of new materials after being used with students in the classroom. With the help of the present manual the author tried to create additional or alternative material for IT students studying business, because all the available materials are designed mostly for students dealing with economics or business as their major. Consequently, IT students often find working with such business materials quite complicated and difficult to relate to their IT specializations. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Business English is a one-semester course that is why the content and the size of the present work entirely corresponds to the course program.