Foreign words borrowed into English (OPTIONAL)

The Module was separated into an independent topic even though it is formally a part of the linguistic discussion in the framework of the history of the English language, which more or less clearly describes the influence English received from other cultures and languages. The reason to separate this Module was to present clearer only the modern state of things and devote more time to the practical issues through words presentation, some elements of linguistic analysis in order to understand the peculiarities better and be able to have a better command of the English language. This Module as well as its content go beyond the knowledge needed to a non-humanitarian students to excel in English that is why it is rather brief and is given for the personal choice of a student, moreover, it does not suppose any test or other checking material.

I am still in the process of collecting students' feedback on what they would like to see in this section and trying to integrate the multimedia elements in the most communicative and active topics such as the OPTIONAL ones are (when the programmer will make such functionality available to be incorporated into this electronic manual).