Difficulties in English grammar

By the time most students reach the Master level they have already had their main English courses as a part of the Bachelor program, that is why their overall level of proficiency in English is at minimum INTERMEDIATE with rare exceptions of those students, who initially came with much lower level than others or have just joint the main group of students from other than NSU Bachelor programs in IT. The Grammar Module seeks to pinpoint the most difficult areas of English Grammar due to the absence of such phenomena in Russian Grammar or the significant difference in them. The goal is not to repeat grammar or teach the main grammar topics again, the goal is to identify the problematic areas where students need to be extremely attentive and try their best to avoid brought by mistakes misunderstanding.

The following aspects of English grammar create the most difficulties for the speakers of Russian:


TASK. Have a look at the following sentences and try to define the mistake and why it was made meaning which tenses got mixed.

Ill phone you when I will arrive.
I promise I pay you tomorrow.
Our flat is decorated this week.
When I wrote my letters, I did some gardening.
When I had opened the door, the children ran in.
Would you follow me wherever I would go?


TASK. Correct the mistakes in the sentences and tell define what kind of ideas are conveyed by these modals.

I can to swim.
I must see the dentist yesterday.
It mustnt be the postman at the door. Its only 7 oclock.


TASK. Find the suitable preposition for the following phrases and summarize their main functions.

I came here for study English.
She never listens me.
Ive been here since three days.
We waited during six hours.
Hes married with a doctor.
Please explain me what you want.
I dont like to be shouted.
Ill be home since 3 oclock.
All along the centuries, there have been wars.


TASK. Change the verb forms in these sentences, create a list of the most frequent verbs and phrases with the forms they should be followed by.

I drove there without to stop.
I look forward to see you.
I am thinking to change my job.
I object to tell them my age.


TASK. Write the correct version of the sentences below and tr to change them in order to vary the clause structure and type.

The man which lives here is from Greece.
She passed her exam, what surprised everybody.
I cant think of anybody whom to invite.
My father, whom we hope will be out of hospital soon,


TASK. Study the examples and comment on the mistakes in the word usage choosing the suitable variants.

He said me that he was Chinese.
Im boring in the lessons.
My brother has got a new work.
Prices are surely rising fast.
I want a completely other colour.
According to me, its a bad film.
I am thankful for your help.
Except Angie, everybody was there.

GENERAL TASK. There some more areas of grammar that cause some problems, because very often there are no such things in Russian grammar or we use them in a different way. Find at least 5 examples of some typical mistakes Russians make when dealing with PRONOUNS, ARTICLES, and QUESTIONS. Try to formulate the main reasons why such type of mistake arises and report in to the teacher.