Writing successful e-mails

Any IT specialist as well as practically any person dealing with the necessities of the modern world has to send several e-mails almost every day, so the information about e-mail etiquette is vitally important to succeed in such kind of communication. The ‘Writing e-mails’ Module deals with the flowing ideas while teaching how to write e-mails correctly and effectively: students get to know that there are various kinds of e-mails and initially e-mails were intended to perform the functions of electronic letters, incorporating all the rules and requirements when writing a formal or informal letter. However, the time and tendencies changed so nowadays e-mails sometimes are considered to be just the way to communicate and sometimes remind something like messages or chatting. Students learn some information about how e-mails should be structured, how to solve some controversial issue when not knowing how to address people and so on. As a result, students need to cover a variety of practical activities the main goal of which is to write and compose a self-standing e-mail to be sent to some interest related university professor or authority and get a response is the inseparable part of the final task.

TASK 1. Click on one of the examples of an e-mail. Edit it according to the material covered in the main manual, for extra points duing the semester send your edited e-mail to the teacher.

For additonal information refer to the book 'Email English' by Paul Emmerson, which explains all aspects of writing a successful e-mail step by step. You can choose a sample of an e-mail to work with there.

TASK 2. Improve the following e-mails and send them to real persons for the same reasons.


Subject: Meeting

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to remind you about the meeting we have scheduled next week. Do let me know if you have any questions!

Best wishes,



Subject: Revisions For Sales Report

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for sending in that report last week. I read through it yesterday and feel that you need more specific information regarding our sales figures in Chapter 2. I also felt that the tone could be a bit more formal. The report is going to be read by our Executive Team, and needs to reflect our professionalism.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I've scheduled a meeting with the PR department for this Friday, regarding the new ad campaign. It's at 11:00, and will be in the small conference room.

Please let me know if you can make that time.




From: reliablelandscapes@domain.com

Subject: Proposal


Did you get my proposal last week? I haven't heard back and wanted to make sure.

Can you please call me so we can discuss?