Slang: British and American slang, IT slang;

Being closely involved into any foreign language communication people get various types of language styles and any slang is an inseparable part of successful interaction. This Module offers a chance to get acquainted with an informal side of English though presenting various video and audio sources students encounter this layer of language, firstly they are introduced to some useful areas of slang that are emerging everyday and moving some of the word stock into more everyday informal vocabulary group. Moreover, students work with IT specific slang and jargon that is widely used by many of them sometimes without full understanding or inappropriate use. Very often the Module devoted to slang is accompanied by a huge variety of independent creative tasks and in its end students present their own independent project be it a presentation or something else.

TASK 1. Find the slangy equivalents for the following words and expressions. Send the final list to the teacher for checking.

  1. A bald man
  2. A cheap, sensationalist magazine
  3. A fit of temper
  4. A harmless fight especially between two women
  5. A large sum of money as in 'to make a ......'. Also 'to go like a ......' meaning to travel at high speed
  6. A little bit
  7. A public lavatory
  8. A stupid person or someone with no mental abilities whatever; Cloth trimmed from a customer's material by a tailor; Pilfer or steal
  9. A stupid, irritating person
  10. As a noun, a robbery or as a verb , to rob. Not to be confused with blague, talking nonsense
  11. As a noun, an alcoholic drink; as a verb, to drink alcohol, particularly to excess
  12. Black eye
  13. Boss, foreman or employer
  14. Cigarette
  15. Derogatory term for a Frenchman
  16. Drunk
  17. Extremely drunk
  18. Face; A gullible or easily swindled person.
  19. Food; To eat
  20. Girl, woman; Jail time
  21. Head; Eccentric person
  22. Knowledge, understanding
  23. Nonsense
  24. Quick witted, clever
  25. Someone who deals in stolen property
  26. Someone who smells
  27. Something simple or easy to accomplish
  28. Television
  29. To be well acquainted with a subject.
  30. To discuss private matters in public
  31. To gamble, wager or take a chance; To sell or promote.
  32. To go to prison
  33. Without money

TASK 2. Choose one group of British and American slangy phrases and create a dialogue related to your everyday activities in the office, at work or at university. Role play this dialogue with any other groupmate of yours and send the recorded result on your teacher's e-mail.


awesome (or wicked) - amazing
beat - tired
blue (or down) - sad, depressed
brainy - very intelligent, like a genius
broke - without money
fishy - suspicious
hammered - drunk
hot - sexy or stolen!
hungover - tired from drinking too much the day before
loaded - rich
nuts (or nutty) - crazy
on cloud nine - very very happy
super - great
ticked - angry
upbeat - positive


airhead - stupid person
bash - big, exciting party
brain - very intelligent person
chocoholic - person who loves/is addicted to chocolate
drip - boring person
grub - food
hunk - handsome man
knockout - beautiful woman
mula - money
munchies - snacks, like potato chips, popcorn, pretzels
penny pincher - cheap, stingy person who rarely spend money
shopoholic - person who is addicted to shopping
stuff - things (but used as a singular, non-count noun)
wacko - crazy person
windbag - a boring person who talks too much (negative)
workaholic - person who is addicted to working


ace - to finish something easily, with success
boogie - to dance
check out - to look at, watch, examine
chicken out - to lose the courage to do something
gab - to chat
grab a bite to eat - to go out to a restaurant
kick the bucket - to die
lift - to steal
take off - to leave
snooze - to sleep
whine - to complain

TASK 3. Fill in the gaps in the following sentences using the previously revised slang.

  1. That was an ... movie.
  2. Sam is ... today because he didn't sleep much last night.
  3. Mary is feeling ... because her cat died.
  4. Sue always does well on tests because she's ...
  5. Lou spent all his money at the casino so now he's ...
  6. Mrs. Smith thought it was ... that her neighbor had so many visitors at night.
  7. Jim had nine beers so now he's ...
  8. Sam says his new girlfriend is ...
  9. Al's bachelor party was last night. He's really ...!
  10. Many people who live in Beverly Hills are ...
  11. That lady keeps talking to herself. Do you think she's ...?
  12. Chris just won a million dollars so he's on ...!
  13. He's really ... because his friend had a party but didn't invite him.
  14. Tony says his boss is an ...
  15. Did you go to Dan's ... last night?
  16. I ate an entire box of chocolates and my sister says I must be a ...!
  17. Lisa says her new roomate is a ...
  18. I'm hungry. Let's get some ...
  19. Sue thinks that Tom Cruise is a ...
  20. Miss Universe is a ...
  21. I took a lot of the casino but when I returned, I didn't have as much!
  22. Let's get some ... at the baseball game
  23. Megan never goes to restaurants because she's such a ...
  24. Sandra is a ... She always goes shopping!
  25. I have to buy some ... at the grocery store
  26. Some reporters say that famous pop singer is a ...
  27. Joe's speech was over an hour long at the meeting. His co-workers think he's a ...
  28. Tammy ... her math test!
  29. Rick likes to ... for hours!
  30. We're going to ... that new movie tomorrow after work.
  31. Mary was planning to enter the car race but then she ...
  32. Amy likes to ... on the phone with her best friend.
  33. I'm hungry. Let's ... a bite to eat somewhere.
  34. John's neighbor just kicked ...!
  35. While Bob was on the train, someone ... his wallet.
  36. Ann ... before the meeting was announced.
  37. I ... on the bus for a few minutes this morning!
  38. I wouldn't want to work with Chris because he always ... about everything.

TASK 4. You see a slangy sign can you turn it into something more formal, why did the owner of this restaurant make it so?

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