INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH EXAMS: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge exams, Professional exams;

In the age of globalization and absence of any territorial boundaries for educational and research perspectives as well as for job opportunities, students very often face a problem of necessity to show their mastery over the English language to various organizations, companies, partners, and so on. Unfortunately, in majority of cases the subject in the diploma is not enough to demonstrate any world-wide recognized level of proficiency in the English language that is why the system of the international English exams comes in handy to solve such problems. In this Module the main goal is to make students see and follow all the variety of the exams being offered for their immediate and long-term perspectives. Moreover, we try to practice with various exam tasks and to estimate personal level of each student to understand the opportunity in taking this or that exam.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) consists of the following parts: Reading (3 texts), Listening (2 conversations and 4 lectures), Speaking (6 short questions), and Writing (an essay and a summary). In the paper manual under the same title you can find the practical tasks for the Reading part. The other parts involve listening materials, so in order to complete them use the following links and save your answers for the future checking.

Listening - self-check through the Internet or image (TOEFL listening 1 and 2) + audio files (TOEFL listening 1, 2)

Ассоциативная связь

Speaking - following the parameters and sending the answers

Writing (a summary) - the answer tare o be sent to the teacher for the extra points


Listening - self-check through the Internet


Listening - self-check through the Internet

Professional IT exams

Follow the link and try yourself.

TASK. After passig the GRE Computer science write a feedback letter to your teacher with the results of passing the test and the impressions.